You are my poem (Ephesians 2 v. 10)

You are my poem

Let me be clear, you are not a limerick, you are not a joke to me

You are not a haiku or couplet, structured, short and done

You are a well-thought out love sonnet, darling one
Can you hear traditional patterns in writings of old, stories of Abraham, Moses and David?
That reckless love, abounding love, tireless and never-ending

You are a detailed narrative, a story of good overcoming evil, of a captive, of rescue and freedom

Yours is an epic poem, lengthy, no detail missed out, unrushed

Your poem is a free verse spilling out of me, grace and beauty flowing, rich with imagery

Your poem is not yet finished,
it's building, building, building, building until...
...your likeness is that of your poet.
That's right, your poem is an ode to me
The great artist,
The original,
Your poem reflects me.